November 19, 2018

Christian Education

Christian Education at Redeemer focuses on the growth and development of the whole person. In addition to the classes/seminars/forums presented, The Christian Education Team promotes holistic spiritual development by integrating learning with the practice of faith on Sundays and in daily living.

All Sunday School, Confirmation classes and Post-Confirmation classes meet at 10 AM on Sunday morning (from the Sunday after Labor Day through the first Sunday in June)

Sunday School

Children can begin their spiritual growth whenever their parents think they are ready. The pre-school/kindergarten class that has very young children in it, and sometimes parents stay with their children until they become comfortable on their own. First graders move on to the primary class and stay there through third grade. Fourth and fifth graders are in the intermediate class. All three of these classes work on activities developed by their teachers that promote grounding in the Bible and understanding of the traditions of our faith. One Sunday per month the intermediate class assists the Confirmation class with Youth Sunday.

The pre-school/kindergarten class and the primary class begin each Sunday together, listening to a Bible story or a puppet play that introduces the lesson. Then the children go to their respective classes to work on activities developed by their teachers. Sunday School overlaps the first half of the worship with the children joining us for worship during the Offertory. They sit on cushions in front of the Altar and take an active role in the Eucharist by ringing the Sanctus bell and presenting the consecrated elements. On Baptismal Sundays the children join us at the font to witness one of their own beginning his or her spiritual journey.

Confirmation Class

Sixth graders enter the Confirmation class which is a three-year program at Redeemer. The first year they get solid grounding in Bible, the second year focuses on the Christian faith, and the fourth year emphasizes the Episcopal tradition. Confirmands are paired with mentors, who assist them in their preparation for Confirmation and who walk with them during the spiritual journey that begins with Confirmation. Once a month on Youth Sunday, the confirmands serve as acolytes, lay readers, puppeteers, chalice-bearers, and ushers. Sometime in the third year, the class is confirmed by the bishop.

Each Sunday all students gather in the parish hall for a Bible story, a puppet play, or a seasonal theme activity, with the older students assisting the younger ones. Students form the intermediate or Confirmation class will put on the puppet play, and when the Pre-school/kindergarten and primary class participate in a simple service project, the older students help them. After the opening program the children go to their respective classes. These classes overlap the 10:15 Holy Eucharistic. All students join the service at the Offertory, with the children taking places of honor in front of the Altar. They take an active role in the Eucharistic by ringing the Sanctus bell and presenting the Elements at The Presentation. where they take an active role in the liturgy.

On Sundays when baptisms occur, children are brought in to witness another one of their own beginning his or her spiritual journey. When the church calendar changes seasons (Advent, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost), the children will process at the beginning of the service with banners and pennants.

Post-Confirmation Class

The Post Confirmation Class is for the youth who have been confirmed. The class meets on the second and third Sundays of the month at 10:00 for a class on topics that will help them apply what they have learned in confirmation to their daily lives, and help them make the transition into the church as adults spiritually. The first Sunday of the month is designated a service Sunday for this class. Members help out in other classes or do find service projects where they can help. On Youth Sunday these young people join those in the Confirmation class and intermediate class to lead the 10:15 service.

Adult Forum is a class for adults who want to continue their spiritual formation throughout their lives. It meets between the two worship services on Sunday morning. All kinds of topics from social issues to Bible study are studied by this group.

EFM (Education for Ministry)

is an active part of Spiritual Formation at Redeemer. This four-year program helps its participants to discover how to respond to their baptismal call to be participant’s in the church’s total ministry. Through study, reflection and prayer, it helps integrate faith into a complex and often confusing world.

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