Episcopal 101 - Learning Hub 

Welcome to the online hub where you can dive deep into what we explore in our Episcopal 101 course. 

Here you will find links, videos, documents, and audio recordings of the class if you miss a week. All is optional and curated to satisfy your greater curiosity in these topics

Week 1: Introduction 

This week we explore the course, a brief overview of the Episcopal Church's heritage, and why our tradition has a unique vocation in the Christian family. 

Learning Tools
- Brief Summary of Episcopal Church (pdf
- Summary of Anglican Identity (pdf
- Anglican Identity and Way (blog post
- Becoming Humble Skeptics (blog post)

Audio Recording: Session #1- Introduction and History 
Slides: Episcopal 101: Introduction  

Week 2: How We Think

Learning Tools:
- How we think about the Bible (video
-Anglican Consciousness by Urban T. Holmes III (pdf)
-Authority in Anglican Thought by Urban T. Holmes III  (pdf
- Scripture, Antiquity and Reason by Michael Ramsey (pdf

Audio Recording: Session #2- How We Think 
Slides: Episcopal 101: How We Think 

Week 3: How We Worship 

Learning Tools:
- The Liturgy by Urban T. Holmes III (pdf)
- Discovery Series- Episcopal Worship (video)
- Understanding the Mass -video playlist (Roman Catholic in emphasis but we would agree with 97% of what Br. Casey says here!) 
- Book of Common Prayer Overview (good for kids too!) 
- Web App to Pray Daily Office Online 

Audio Recording: Session #3- How We Worship 
Slides: Episcopal 101: How We Worship 

Week 4: How We Function

Learning Tools:
- Discovery Series- Roots of Ministry (video) 

Audio Recording: Session #4- How We Function 
- Slides: Episcopal 101: How We Function

Week 5: Baptism

Learning Tools:
- Baptism Notes Sheet (pdf)
- Video: N.T Wright on Baptism (10 Minutes) 

-Audio Recording: Session #5 Baptism
- Slides: Episcopal 101: Baptism 

Week 6: Eucharist

Learning Tools:
- Eucharist Notes Sheet (pdf)
- Video: Eucharist by Michael Curry 
-Video: Scripture by Ellen Davis 

-Audio Recording: Session #6 Holy Eucharist