Christ is Risen! What's Next? 

You are invited to join us for a conversation about life and faith. We will explore questions of "presence" and "absence", what it's like to have a mission in life, and what it might mean to follow this strange Rabbi from Galilee whose followers claim was raised from the dead. 

Our conversation will be guided by a book by a well-beloved author on the spiritual life, Henri Nouwen. 

You are encouraged to purchase the book at this link here: With Burning Hearts: A Meditation on the Eucharistic Life 

the hardcover option is cheaper! 

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Questions? email Fr. Josh 

Discussion Schedule 

4/ 16

Mourning Our Losses 

This first week we will discuss what we read in Chapter 1 of our book and consider the wonderings that arise from our conversation. Especially considering how new life comes from within the death and our losses of our life. 


Discerning Presence

This second week we will discuss what we read in Chapter 2  of our book. Considering how a conversation transformed two people forever. 


Inviting the Stranger

This third week we will discuss what we read in Chapter 3 of our book and explore how we are continually encouraged to invite others to the "table" of our heart and life as an act of discipleship 


Entering Communion 

This fourth week we will discuss what we read in Chapter 4 of our book and dig into how God remains close to us and seeks to be uncomfortably close to us and in our lives. 


Going on a Mission

This last week we will wonder about what we read in Chapter 5 of our book and discover that each person has a call on their life- a quest or mission that only they can fulfill. This gives meaning and purpose to our lives and benefits our neighbors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where?  

We will meet on 5 Tuesday nights on Zoom from April 16th- May 14th from 7:00pm-8:15pm 

Do I need to be a member or Episcopalian? 

Not at all! All those who are curious, doubting, questioning or simply want to go deeper into the Easter season are welcome to join our conversation. 

Inflation sucks and money is tight. How can I get ahold of the book? 

We get it. We don't want the purchase of the book to be barrier- email Fr. Josh and he can get you a copy. He's got it covered. :)