November 19, 2018

Pastoral Care and Fellowship

At Redeemer, Pastoral Care and Fellowship is a community effort. We are all responsible for each other.

The very active Pastoral Care and Fellowship Team (PC&F Team) assumes the responsibility of long-term care for those unable to attend worship, and the rector assumes responsibility for all hospital and emergency care. Together, they welcome and embrace all who come to be a part of the Redeemer family: ministering to the needs of those suffering in mind, body or spirit, as well as loving and caring for those who are well.

The warm, friendly Redeemer family is what attracts most newcomers to stay at Redeemer. It is the deep sense of caring within the parish family, the prayers of the community, and the everyday acts of kindness that endures.

The (P&F Team’s work is enhanced by a volunteer from the congregation who is a professional chaplain and pastoral counselor. She and team leaders/members meet regularly with the rector to share information and to ensure the proper level of care is getting to the right place and people.

The Pastoral Care and Fellowship Team is composed of the following sub teams:

Eucharistic Ministers: These persons are specially trained by the rector and licensed by the bishop to minister to parishioners who are unable to attend church. They carry consecrated elements of Holy Communion to private homes, nursing homes, hospitals and other locations on a scheduled or requested basis. They coordinate their ministry with the Visitation Ministers.

Nurturing Ministry: These persons follow up with a phone call to people who miss church more than three weeks in a row and report perceived and known needs to the Pastoral Care Team leader.

Writing Ministry: This team sends notes and cards to shut-ins, and birthday and anniversary cards to all parishioners.

Hospitality Ministry: Provides food for parishioners in times of need and provides receptions or lunches after funerals.

Visitation Ministers: This team visits members of the parish who are unable to attend worship and other church events, as well as persons recuperating from illnesses.

Fellowship Ministry: These persons ensure fellowship and social interaction by planning and encouraging others to hold special parish social events for all age groups, and by mentoring new members to ensure they become incorporated into the life of the parish.

Sunday Fellowship: This is a lively ministry following both Sunday services. Church members meet socially in the parish hall where they readily welcome visitors and new members into the faith community. The fellowship hour is provided by volunteers.

Prayer Teams: One team handles emergency prayer requests and the other prays with members of the congregation on Sunday mornings during the serving of Holy Communion. The Prayer list of those who request the prayers of the church is in the rear of the church on Sundays and is sent out to the entire congregation no less than monthly.

Redeemer was one of the founding congregations of the Center for Pastoral Counseling in Springfield. This is a community-based treatment facility which provides professionally accredited counseling and personal growth service to all persons regardless of age, race, faith, ethnic background or sexual orientation. Many of our rectors have served on its Advisory Board as does Fr. Shiley. As a sponsoring parish, Redeemer makes an annual contribution to the center, which helps offset counseling costs for those unable to afford it.

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