November 19, 2018


Stewardship has been an ongoing ministry at Redeemer since its inception. The ultimate goal of the annual funds campaign has always been proportional giving that leads to tithing. Some have responded affirmatively and are achieving this goal, but in recent years fewer and fewer are doing so. The church family is responsive to short-term special projects such as new heating and air-conditioning, and sprucing up the parish hall and church.

The Stewardship Awareness Team works to help the Redeemer Family see themselves as God’s children, as creative beings, as people striving for a lifestyle like Jesus, and as people who possess power to change things – to make a difference. At its peak this team worked year round to assist the Redeemer family to see stewardship as a way of life, a part of all of life, not just a once a year appeal. Programs on stewardship of our planet, stewardship of our time, stewardship of our talents, stewardship of friends and family, have been a part of this team’s monthly stewardship emphasis.

The Finance and Endowment Team oversees finances pertaining to the Operating Budget of Redeemer, manages the Investment Fund (Endowments and Reserve Funds) of the church, and oversees the Renewing Redeemer Capital Campaign funds, and administers the Building Fund. The Team advises the Vestry and presents background materials and possible solutions so that the Vestry can make appropriate informed decisions that meet its canonical fiduciary responsibilities, and the strategic plans of the church. The Finance Team has done an excellent job of seeing that a self-audit is conducted every year.

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